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Season 3, Episode 11 of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, part of the Adult Swim lineup.

This episode brings back two of my favorite characters in the entire show. Our favorite pot-smoking aliens from beyond Pluto, Emory and Oglethorpe. Emory is the passive one, following Oglethorpe's bipolar commands. Oglethorpe is apparently in charge, with his inexplicable German accent, but clearly has no idea what he's doing or why he's here. This particular visit to Earth is solely for the purpose of stealing the Aqua Teens' cable feed, probably not what Alien High Command had in mind. Still, as Oglethorpe so eloquently phrases it:

"We have successfully traveled eons across both space and time through the Fargate... to get free cable!"

Of course, he soon tires of watching the public television that is failing to teach Meatwad his left and right. So, with his characteristic pomp and circumstance, Oglethorpe orders Emory to bring him... The Universal Re-Monster! Although the device doesn't quite meet his standards of a good monster, it is more than enough of a remote control for Master Shake, after wandering through the open Fargate. He uses it for getting pretzels, turning on the newly discovered vibrate function of his chair, and of course, torturing Meatwad.

Frylock eventually has had enough and decides to get to the bottom of this crazy remote control. He follows the co-ax onto Emory and Oglethorpe's ship, scaring Oglethorpe, whose overactive imagination has been fueled by the Re-Monster's taste for horror movies. This confrontation produces an absolute gem:

"Impossible! The Re-Monster can only be killed by stabbing him in the heart with the ancient bone saber of Zuma-Calith!"

The rest of that exchange is absolutely classic, and I won't spoil it for you.

If you watch only one episode of Aqua Teen ever, I would choose this one. Literally every single thing Oglethorpe does or says is hilarious; the accent makes for a superb delivery. The rest of the cast performs admirably, but in my humble opinion he steals the show.

Note: The Fargate is an obvious pun (though this is vehemently denied) on the Stargate, made famous in the eponymous film, the syndicated show Stargate SG-1 and a recent spinoff Stargate Atlantis.