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I'm back in school for the 3rd time, after having some injuries that led to degenerative problems in my back and knees. I loved being an LPN but I am medically forbidden from returning to that career, so now I am learning to be a tech geek and network administrator. I have about 6 months until I graduate with an associate's degree (though I am planning on going directly into the bachelor's program when I graduate this program) - that means it is time to start the job search process.

I attended a career fair for my school last week and I made some really good contacts, passed out many copies of my resume, etc. I got an email back from Hyland Software, saying they liked my resume and wanted me to fill out their online application. Cool - this means I might have a job BEFORE I get out of my program. This is good.

I get through the personal information, the education history, the work history, the cover letter, the "paste your resume here," and then I find the most interesting part of the application. The last page includes the request that I write a 40 to 60 word original poem about my current or most recent job.

Being 3:30am when I happened upon this part of the application, I just stared at my screen for a moment or two. And then I wrote this:

Asylum for those deprived of their reason,
whether there for a week or for a season,
from childhood to elderly life,
our patients need care, not additional strife.

Children's behaviors and angry outbursts,
addictions so strong they needs must come first,
eating disorders, both large and small,
our tenderness stretches to cover them all.

We are Friends Hospital.