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Also a play, written and directed by Steve Lambert, who also played Yehoshua. It was performed by the Badac Theatre company at the 2000 Edinburgh Fringe festival.

Set in Auschwitz, it focuses on the torture of Yehoshua, who believes he is the Christ. He is spun around on a spit and beaten by two Nazi officers, until he finally curses God.

According to Badac's website, they are concerned with how human rights issues affect the individual. Both their plays have been about the Holocaust. When writing this one, they wanted to explore torture and religious persecution - the best-known examples of both being Jesus Christ and the death camps. You could also find in it a comment on the evils of Nazism, that they would want to destroy the Son of God.

The play has had four- and five-star reviews, with the reviewers emphasising how good and how disturbing it is.