I grew up in a very catholic household. My father wanted me to go through all the steps of becoming an adult in the church, so like a good little girl I did. Part of my Confirmation was classes I had to take. I had a couple of teachers one year that took a beating from me verbally from all the hard questions I would ask. At the end of the year they gave us all this packet full of inspiring stuff to become good little Catholics (needless to say I’m not one now), but the only thing in my packet that reached out to me was this poem, I cried just thinking about it.

If Eyes Could Talk
By Father Anthony

Of the Mission Office

On the cross he hangs

Crowned with thorns

And there are tears in his eyes:

How I have loved you!

I have created you,

Watched over you,

Redeemed you.

Offered my body on the cross for your


Offered my flesh for your food to

Nourish your soul.

I have begged for your love in return

But you have been busy about many things

And had very little time for me.


I appreciate whatever little time is left

Over from your worldly activities.

I desire your love.

Think of me, remember me, Love me.