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A long-running British science fiction comic serial, illustrated by the renowned Don Lawrence, which ran from 1965 to 1982 in the weekly Ranger and Look and Learn magazines.

The format was a full-colour two-page spread, in Don Lawrence's inimitable photorealistic style. The content was similar in theme to Star Trek or Doctor Who: episodic stories ranging from alien invasion to political conspiracies to time travel or toxic waste, usually with many a plot twist and thought provoking moral.

Regular characters included:

Strangely enough there were no female characters that I recall at all. It must have been very much a boy's own kind of comic.

The action took place on and around the planet Elekton, in the galaxy of Yarna. Elekton was pretty much like Earth except it had two suns and two moons. Technology was roughly the same as 20th Century Earth, but varied widely from country to country. The two main powers were the Trigan Empire itself, a kind of odd mixture of modern Britain, the Roman empire and the United States, and the Catons, a throughly nasty, green-skinned race of fascist warmongers who were probably Communists as well.

Information on the series is hard to come by, and reprints almost impossible to locate, but I for one have fond memories. The best Website I've found on it is here: http://spaghoops.com/chairs/trigan.htm