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whitewater rafting, hardcoreness, bad Spanish, oil pastels, and Existentialism.
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Keep your heart in mind when your head is making decisions that affect them both.
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So this is the new year
and I don't feel any different...

In Greek mythology, there are Sirens- monsters with beautiful female faces, but with bird-like bodies, sporting wings and claws. They could sing a tune so sweetly that they would captivate the heart and mind of passing sailors, making them forget everything else. The intoxicated sailors would pilot their craft towards Sirens' island and were crushed against the barricading rocks by the ocean's waves. (Odysseus and Jason were the only men who successfully evaded their trap.) Of the Sirens, there was Leucosia, the "white maiden," who, with her flawless beauty and forked tongue, brought many men to their deaths.

I didn't write it for them.