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I was climbing on the top of a jumping hill in my hometown. (There was one but it was dismantled several years ago.) I slided the jumping hill down on my butt and there was no possibility to jump with skies because the edge of the hill was currently a scenery terrace. I took a quick look and asked what Susanna would like to do with this construction if she was a president. (Susanna wasn't physically there but I was discussing with her with ease..) She said she would save the jumping hill because of the great sight.

I climbed the jumping hill up again and for my great surprise it wasn't that difficult although there was no ladders on this side of the hill. When I reached the top the jumping hill started to shake due to my weight. For some reason I was not afraid at all. Maybe it was, dunno really, because I saw that Iwonka and Juhani "the boneman" were together on the other side of the hill, on the similar terrace. And finally the jumping hill collapsed! I landed down just on the terrace where Iwonka and Juhani were. They were snogging there and obviously interrupted by my appearance with hundred planks of the jumping hill.

I shaked most of the dirt away from my clothes and prepared to climb down from the terrace. "Allright, carry on" I smirked at them. For some reason Juhani The Boneman wasn't pleased with my statement and uttered something about me being jealous of them kissing here. I said (in English again) that I guess I know a great deal about kissing here. "What the hell was that supposed to mean?" angried Iwonka asked in Finnish (she's Polish!). She looked much more younger than she was. Actually she looked a much like she used to be when she was 14, 15. "None", I continued in Finnish. "I wasn't saying anything special. Just the way it was, likes. An utterly value free statement." There was no immediate answer but The Boneman looked like he wanted to give me a punch. "I thought there's no reason to have bad thoughts about us", I said to Iwonka and then turning to The Boneman, "Ok, I go now. Have a nice day."