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There were 12 of us eating at some nice restaurant. In real life, I know only maybe 3 or 4 of them but we were having a good time, despite the fact that we were not going to pay. It was notorious eat&run -tactic we were going to implement.

There were only two girls around a big round table. A restaurant was very stylish, even trendy, but there was also a corner for us where we were chilling. I believe there was a fireplace giving a nice warming glow. But the girls were not very pleased by the eating habits of some men. True enough, some of them were stuffing forkfulls into their mouths as it has been ages since they saw any food last time.

After we had finished we moved outside on the street. We were not going to flee yet but relax a bit on the terrace. Well, if you can call it a terrace: Chairs and sofas were around the street, some were even jamming the traffic but no one cared and the traffic was low anyway so it wasn't a trouble after all.

When most of were settled into sofas it was the professor, my boss, who arrived. She started to make questions for Pekka S., on of my colleaques. He was even bit of scared of her and tried to change the subject and answered only affirmatively, a dodgy cunt. I hadn't yet sat down so as I reached for a chair I started to tell some facts to her. Raising my feet on the armrest of a sofa I really spoke my mind out and I have to admit I did it a bit of rude way but since most of the opinions I told her were not mine but those of my former colleaques had told me, it was easy to plead that I was only a messenger. Pekka S. objected me that it wasn't how the things were but I calmly said he wasn't working here during the summer when most of the troubles occurred. The professor wasn't too much impressed by the way I told things but I believe she would find it helpful later - from now on it wasn't all rumours since I had plainspokenly expressed the general mood of the department.

Reality check: The case of the department is actually just like it was in the dream but no one have yet told the exact problems we had during the summer - now the situation is much more better, it has to be said.