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More recipies from LordOmar here, and I can't believe that there wasn't one out here, as nothing is more simple, and yields more creamy goodness for little effort than garlic mashed potatoes.

Potatoes (about 2 medium sized potatoes per person)
Cream (milk will just not do!)
Butter (use a margarine and I'll kill you!)
Pepper (I use white pepper as it looks better, but black will do as well)
Garlic (and lots of it, this recipe can be accomplished with whole or minced garlic)
Olive oil
Fist step, (and this can be done ahead of time) roast your garlic. This can be accomplished with whole or minced garlic. I use the minced garlic because I am a lazy bastard and it works just as well. But I'll include instructions for both:

Whole Garlic: Cut the top off of a whole head of garlic (actually I usually do two heads at a time) and drizzle olive oil over the , now exposed, cloves. Place the heads on a pie tin or cookie sheet and place in the oven, about 350 degrees for 30-45 minutes (this really all depends on the size of the garlic, it should end up soft with a nice brown color)

Minced Garlic: In a pie plate spread out an appropriate amount of the minced garlic, but make sure it is packed together in a little "cake" about 1/4 of an inch thick. drizzle olive oil over the "cake" (just a little), now place in a 350 degree oven for about 15-20 minutes. Bam! Roasted garlic in half the time, and already minced for ease of use.

Now peel and chop your potatoes, place in a pot covered with water (add a pinch or two of salt into the water), boil until the potatoes are good and soft. Strain and place into a bowl, with your garlic (a decent ratio is one clove per potato, although I go about one and a half). To the potatoes add about a tablespoon of butter per serving and about 2 tablespoons of cream per serving, also add salt and pepper to taste. Mash until it's all one smooth bowl of creamy goodness serve in heaping portions.

Variations on this recipe are neumerous, add Parmagiano Reggiano Cheese to suit italian dishes. A splash of red wine gives a subtle sourness that accents fish and other seafood (don't start in with the red wine/white wine with fish argument, it's a fallacy, but a debate for another node). The key being to add something to your potatos to accent what ever you main course is to be. A little experimentation is your best friend.