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I participated in #OneLetterPlotTwists over on Twitter today.

STRANGER IN A STRANGE LARD: Valentine Michael Smith comes to Earth after being raised on Mars and experiences profound insights into the human condition after he falls into a vat of psychedelic fat.

THE KONG IN YELLOW: A kaiju gorilla visiting Paris reads a forbidden play, suffers frightening visions of Carcosa, and goes on an insane rampage.

AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MODNESS: A group of Antarctic explorers led by Dr. William Dyer of Miskatonic University discover a vast, creepy stone city where they are menaced by stylish gangs of '60s British youths.

THE DREAMS IN THE ITCH HOUSE: Walter Gilman, a student of mathematics and folklore at Miskatonic University, rents an attic room in a cursed house in Arkham, Massachusetts and gets the worst case of dermatitis the locals have ever seen.

MOBY-DUCK: Captain Ahab obsessively pursues the enormous white waterfowl who once tried to nibble him to death.