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An Agata Christie Novel
first copyright:1940
first edition:?

Hercule Poirot: The famous Belgian dective
Mrs. Gardener: An American tourist
Odell C. Gardener: Echoes his wife
Emily Brewster: A tough spinster
Rosamund Darnley: A dressmaker
Major Barry: A retired officer
Revrend Stephen Lane: The man with odd reactions
Christine Redfern: Young and recently married
Patrick Redfern: Just married to Christine Arlena S. Marshall: A very beautiful woman
Captain Kenneth Marshall: Arlena's current husband
Linda Marshall: Their 16 year old daughter
Horace Blatt: A 'self made' man.

Story: Poirot is enjoying his holiday at an island resort. Everything seems perfect until Arlena Marshall is killed. Many people wanted her dead: Her daughter, for the problems she was causing the family. Rosamund, so she could marry her childhood friend. Christine, because she was luring her husband away. Odd pieces of evidence (a thrown bottle, a bath, glasses) and the fact that everyone has an airtight alibi gives Poirot a hard time

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Information comes from character summary and actually reading the book.