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At age 27, Abraham Lincoln held a low paying job and could scarcely afford the loss of one of his principal possessions.


March 26, 1836

From a stable in Springfield, on Wednesday, 18th, a large bay horse, star in his forehead, plainly marked with harness; supposed to be eight years old; had been shod all round, but is believed to have lost some of his shoes, and trots and paces. Any person who will take up said horse, and leave information at the Journal office, or with the subscriber at New Salem, shall be liberally paid for their trouble.

A. Lincoln                                

This document is a copy of the unedited text of a written work by Abraham Lincoln. Some typographical errors which were present in the original text appear here as well. This document was copied in its entirety from The Living Lincoln, edited by Paul M. Angle and Earl Schenck Miers, published by Marboro Books Corp.