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How pleasant to know this young Noder,
   Who has written such write-ups of stuff;
Some think her ill-tempered and odor-
   Ous; some think her pleasant enough.

Her memory's vast and eclectic;
   Her hair is quite long, full of friz;
Her discourse is oft analectic;
   You don't want to know 'bout her phiz.

Her wardrobe's decidedly skirty,
   Her totem is capy, not corax;
Long ago she was hobbled by qwerty,
   But now she is one of the dvoraks.
She sits in a handicap dorm room,
   Surrounded by dozens of books;
It is dark, not a blithe aeriform room;
   She's better at smarts than at looks.

She has friends, (some are real, some may not be);
   K. B. is the name of her bear;
Her complexion remains rather spotty,
   She wieldeth a runcible stare.

When she walks in her forest-green cloak,
   The folks, they call after her so,
Crying, "Where's her gold sickle and oak,
   That crazy old druid-girl, oh!"

She reads by the sides of the oceans,
   She reads on the top of the hill,
She purchases cauldrons for Potions,
   And chocolate frogs, and a quill.

She reads, but she cannot code, Java;
    She cannot abide Mountain Dew;
Ere she falls into boiling lava,
    How pleasant to know you-know-who!
---With all due apologies to the illustrious Mr. Lear

I've decided to copy katycat and node my homework. look for geomorphology, chronolithography, chemistry and random babbledegook showing up. I've picked a major (finally); now I'm trying to decide if I want another.

I solemnly covenant that at least 90% of my writeups shall be factual writeups
Currently (March 1 2003): 25 nodes, 1 dreamlog, 1 twaddle, 1poetry, 1 daylog. 21 factual. 90% factual.
Yes, I caved and did a humour. It's getting downvoted straight to Niflheim (as my reps go, anyway.) Serves me right.

72% ching. Folks who have C!d me: trina, Byzantine, Oolong, SEF, Pseudo_Intellectual, anthropod, TheBooBooKitty, some_guy, Tem42, CapnTrippy, Alias Mother Jonez, sid, Cletus the Foetus and Gritchka (five times!) Visit these people: they're all really nice people, and really good noders, and I can't upvote them like they deserve. Especially Gritchka, who was extremely nice to me despite the fact that I'm so shy online that I basically ignored ther.

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      NF l++<+++ xp- C-<+ H+<++ @c e+ d D++ p g- N+ 
      ------------END NODE CODE BLOCK--------------

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-----------------END GEEK CODE BLOCK---------------------

Some people I want to be like if I grow up: Georges de la TourTristan Robert McCall Juan Ramon Jimenez Robert Service Phil Harris Rosalie Stier Sophie Tucker Carl Lumholz Iosif Shklovsky Ctesias Charles Benedict Calvert St. Rose of Lima Georges de la Tour Rosalie Calvert Smenkare Jerome Bonaparte and Elizabeth Patterson St. Jerome King Mongkut Roger Ascham William Woodin Charles Birchfield Chevalier Louis de Jaucourt Chretien-Guillaume de Camoignan de Malesherbes General Howe's Dog St. Columba Aristide Maillol Augustus Washington Adam Worth Miss Olde Frothingslosh Hedy Lamar Sobekneferet Semiramis/Semmuramat Sonya Kovalevsky Martin Gardner