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Well I grew up and lived in the same house for 18 years now, I am currently taking photography and blueprint reading classes. I am usually very very board. There is just nothing to do around here. Michigan is lame. But its better than a lot of places.

"I am not a troll"-Richard Nixon

Jesus rolled the biggest joints

The Charm A poem by Rupert Brooke

In darkness the loud sea makes moan;
And earth is shaken, and all evils creep
About her ways.
Oh, now to know you sleep!
Out of the whirling blinding moil, alone,
Out of the slow grim fight,
One thought to wing -- to you, asleep,
In some cool room that's open to the night
Lying half-forward, breathing quietly,
One white hand on the white
Un-rumpled sheet, and the ever-moving hair
Quiet and still at length! . . .

Your magic and your beauty and your strength,
Like hills at noon or sunlight on a tree,
Sleeping prevail in earth and air.

In the sweet gloom above the brown and white
Night benedictions hover; and the winds of night
Move gently round the room, and watch you there.
And through the dreadful hours
The trees and waters and the hills have kept
The sacred vigil while you slept,
And lay a way of dew and flowers
Where your feet, your morning feet, shall tread.
And still the darkness ebbs about your bed.
Quiet, and strange, and loving-kind, you sleep.
And holy joy about the earth is shed;
And holiness upon the deep.


Fenwick is a very small town located in the state of Michigan. It is located in the middle of Montcalm County. It is basically between the towns Greenville and Ionia. To the north of Fenwick is the town of Greenville. And just Southeast a meer nine miles is Ionia a considerably larger city. Fenwick has a current population of about 80 residents. The town was established over 150 years ago in 1859 by a man named Gerald Jones. Gerald was a wine maker from Detroit looking for a place to grow his grapes. At one time Fenwick was a very busy town with a bank, motel, post office, and library, and had a population of a whopping 1200 people at it's height. What happened? You might ask. In the year of 1955 Fenwick was burned to the ground. Over 900 people died in the freak accident.

Since then a general store was built and has recently went out of business. Fenwick is now just a small town with little of any interest to anyone. Fenwick holds the record for marijuana busts in Montcalm County. The town is now one of the smallest but most active towns in Montcalm County. It's current population ranges from young married couples to predominantly senior citizens. A small ice cream shop was recently built. But is not getting much business. Fenwick is a very stagnant little town.