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The philosophy which the Borg originally from Star Trek follow.

In Borgism, beings, their thoughts, ideas, and knowledge, along with all forms of technology are assimilated and integrated seamlessly together into what is known as The Collective. The main objective in Borgism is to increase the knowledge and power of The Collective. This is achieved by a cycle of assimilating anything they possibly can and improving it with The Collective’s previous knowledge and resources, so that they can assimilate more, more efficiently. Efficiency is what the Borg strive for, because greater efficiency improves their ability to increase the knowledge and power of The Collective.

The philosophy most opposed to Borgism is Individualism.

The major flaw in Borgism is that without Individuals, the Borg is unable to create innovative new ideas of it’s own. In some of the later episodes of Star Trek: Voyager, The Borg had been integrating semi-Individualism on order to compensate for this flaw.