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NOTE: I am not making this up. The URL is http://us.imdb.com/title/tt0274518/, check it for yourself.

A friend of mine found this on IMDb. I was shocked at first, then laughed my eyes out.

Gay Niggers from Outer Space (1992)

Directed by
Morten Lindberg

Genere: Comedy / Short / Sci-Fi

User Rating: ********° 8.5/10 (57 votes)

Credited cast overview:
Julien Garneau-Proulx .... The janitor's son

Runtime: 26
Country: Denmark
Language: English
Color: Black and White

Now, a quick look on the film's title teaches us that this one isn't your usual comedy, sci-fi movie or any other standard flick.
Gay people. Niggers. from Outer Space.

Scrolling down the page we see the user comments. Surprisingly, there is one comment - thereby meaning someone actually watched the film and was interested in it enough to write a review at IMDb.
This someone, a Biscuitbutt81 from Oregon, has written a pretty covering review on this movie. My favorite quote:

The music is amazing as well. "Gay Niggers Eat Pigs and Fly on Penises Made of Ham and Brown Ham, Because They're Gay Niggers" is an Oscar-worthy song. This song plays during the scene when Gay Nigger Jim rapes a toilet and explodes, and unless you're soulless, it will make you cry.

Yup. There goes the chance to bring it home to watch with mom and dad.

Anyway, IMDb provides us with information on the movie's cast. Okay, only one actor, but it's enough. Looking at Julien Garneau-Proulx's page we not only find out that his birth name is no less than Yoland Julien Garneau-Proulx, but that he was born in 1987, which makes him 5 years old in 1992, the year the movie was filmed.
Also in his filmography we see that he'd been acting in several other similiar films, such as Majorettes in Space: Five Gay Tales from France, Gay Bombay, Gay Cuba and When Love Is Gay.

Sounds weird? sick? You said it.

I don't know what to believe - Is this a real film? Was it made up by some folks at IMDb as a joke? Was it secretly inserted into the site by some 313373 h4x0rz?

bah, me got a headache now.

liveforever: Thanks for the information, now I have one answer. However, the question remains, how old was Garneau-Proulx on this film? 5 years, as IMDb suggests?