Breathe, just breathe,

Hidden you’ve been for so long, I forgot you were there,

Secret, dark and glorious, a ghost laced with stardust

Gilded shadows thrown through the keyhole of your own prison

Mountains wrought of iron and graphite have kept you

Pillars, guarding doors built to hold you, but not to make you stay

The concrete laid three hundred leagues deep 

Polished and powerful, a tomb of sins and miracles

Inescapable, cold, daunting, curiously inviting

Breathe, just breathe,

Specks of dust dancing in the golden rays of the iron’s aperture

Embers begging for air, for fuel, a gentle caress

In the stillness, they crackle ever so faintly

A quiet fierceness of rage, of longing, of yesterday

Fire embalmed in savage tenderness and righteous fury

Of promises a thousand miles deep, whispered in lonely spaces

Battle fields acclaimed in hushed, pyrrhic voices

Disinherited dreams, carried on by the wind

Breathe, just breathe,

Incandescent particles drifting through the fragments of light

Unfathomable, unbridled, familiar, possessed

Hand outstretched, begging for a memory, for its touch

The chilling warmth a necessity, a fleeting saviour

The stardust touches skin, protected with a closed fist

Fingers unlaced, only dust, colorless, lifeless, remains

Charred flesh, the fiery atom’s ashen pyre

Breathe, just breathe