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mission drive within everything
Become one with the system in order to grok the everything paradigm.
Math, CS theory, Japanese, People, Sex
University of Texas at Austin, Data Design Company, LTD.
Eagles may fly, but weasles don't get sucked into jet engines.
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Just one traveller trying to experience Everything. No, not this place, I really mean everything. Perhaps it's just my short attention span, but I like to think I'm a seeker of something Greater. Not Goddess by any means; religion is at best a paradigm for experiencing the world, but usually just a good cover for corruption and molesting little boys.

My current drug of choice is living in Japan for a year. You thought LSD was powerful, try living in a foreign country with no friends and no identity and confused expectations. I think the lack of expectations, of you or from you, is possibly the most enlightening part.

A distillation of your soul. A discovery of your true self. Of course, I won't know how well it's going until I try to reaturn to a "normal life".