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The first book has an often overlooked opening, that appears even before the copyright page, written by Heinlein's wife, in which she thanks fans for such great support.

A Letter From Mrs. Robert A. Heinlein:

Amidst all of the fan mail coming in on EXPANDED
UNIVERSE, I find that I must pause to advise you of
what is happening.

The mail on this book has been comin in in quantities
we had never dreamed of. Almost every day, we re-
ceive about half a dozen to a dozen letters, telling Rob-
ert how much people have enjoying this book. It seems
strange to us, because fan mail has a tendency to drift
in slowly when a new book is out, but this has been
coming in a flood. Never has any book of Robert's had
this amazing response ... Some of it is from people
who are, or have been, in the military. More is just
from people who have read the book. All of it is
friendly, and much of it heart-warming.

For over thirty years I have been reading fan mail, and
answering much of it, but thsi response has amazed

-Virginia Heinlein