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reQuest 2018 Update

We are now at the halfway point of our first reQuest. FIVE MORE DAYS TO ASK FOR REQUESTS! That's right, no new requests for writeups will be issued after midnight server time on 21 January. That gives us all ten days to try to fill our remaining requests before the end January.

In the meantime, don't forget to send your requests through to reQuest! Several reQuesters have almost filled all their requests already, and would love a few more. I'm really enjoying the process of reading through reQuesters' old writeups to come up with new requests - I've uncovered some absolute gems! 

We currently have 38 participants, who between them have filled 61 reQuests. It's like 60 beautiful New Year presents, just for us!

reQuesters who have filled the required 3 reQuests already are:

  1. BookReader
  2. etouffee
  3. Glowing Fish
  4. gnarl
  5. jessicaj
  6. Jet-Poop
  7. lizardinlaw
  8. Rancid_Pickle (no surprise that Mr Pickle has filled the most reQuests so far!)
  9. Swift (appropriately, Swift is our fastest reQuester, having joined on xx January and already up to xx filled reQuests!)
  10. TheAnglican
  11. Zephronias

Our reQuesters have been consistently amazeballs, writing high quality writeups, challenging themselves to write outside their usual styles, and taking the time to submit plenty of interesting reQuests for others.

And Silverai_me deserves special mention as the poor sucker who is sharing the admin work with me. That involves a lot of cleaning up when I inadvertently screw up the code. If anybody is feeling like complimenting and/or rewarding Team reQuest, please direct all your love Silwards.