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Flatland is a little-known, ever-growing way to ride a BMX bike. It is where one rides a bike in a parking lot or other flat,paved area and attempts to balance his or her self in different positions on a bike. This can be achieved in many ways, while moving forwards, backwards, standing still, or even upside down. While it is an activity enjoyed by many people of every age, race, and social status, it is still seen by the man as a hazardous activity and results in many cases of being removed from a riding area.

Flatland is normally done on BMX bikes much smaller than normal, however the bikes are smaller because it makes it much easier to manuever around the bike.

Despite the fact that most people have yet to hear of flatland, it has been around for years. It originated in the early 70s, a few years after BMX racing began. Kids who raced became bored with just racing and decided to look for other things to do on their bikes. And with that, flatland was born.