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I sit here, in the early morn, and wonder if the world ever sleeps. It's kind of like asking if time ever takes a vacation or if gravity ever takes a break.

I come home from work or hanging out and by the time I get ready to slink off to bed I look out the window and invariably see evidence of the rising sun, dawn. Birds warble in the distance, dogs bark across the street, cars zip down the road, crickets chirp their farewells to the night. The darkness is chased away by the light, a manifestation of the cyclical nature of life- as something leaves, something else takes its place.

Give and take, push and pull; the new day begins and I absently muse about what the next day will bring while I sleep through it all in preparation for whatever awaits me in the night. Who will live and who will die? Who will learn and who will forget? What will be made and what will be destroyed? Who will make peace and who will make war?

By the dawn's early light I find myself reluctant to drift away into the netherworld of dreams and diversions. The bed seems even less appealing to me when it is light outside than when it is dark. More shadows and mysteries to behold, all while I slumber. The sun sheds light upon the world around us and here I am, ready to close my eyes to it and sleep. It's always daytime somewhere.

I was alseep when the world was rocked in New York. I was asleep when my grandfather passed away so many years ago. I was asleep when my little brother was born. I was asleep when my life started and stopped around me. If the world was to end today, I would go in the best way imaginable: in my sleep.

Life is not just something that happens when you're making plans; life is what happens when you aren't looking.