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Where to begin... where to end... I feel changed after this weekend, I never knew that people can be so trusting, trusted, caring, and cared for, amused, and amusing, and most of all, missed. I got spoiled. I can't wait for it to happen again. Allow me to elaborate on this "go to hell party" and mayhaps it will make even less sense and have more pipelinks.

•• Went to a CD store called Magnolia Thunderpussy. Brainwave (if I remember correctly) said something to the effect of "They answer their phone and say Magnolia's, how could they not say Thunderpussy! I'd have to answer the phone and say Thunderpussy!"

•• Gamaliel and I went to a store called Yankee Trader's and I got many plastic ninjas to give to people. I ran out of ninjas, though. ANYONE WHO DIDN'T GET A NINJA, MSG ME!!! You will get a ninja. On the way to the store, we decided to stop in the convention center because it was air conditioned and we are big wusses who can't handle the heat. (yes, we are from Florida, let that boggle your mind a little). The convention center happened to be holding a convention for RPG stuff, and the nerdyness was unparalleled. We were awed, scared, and mad at the vending machine, all at the same time.

•• QXZ has the uncanny ability to match what he's wearing with a camo skirt, I'm still wondering how that one happened. He and Pyrogenic went for opposite ends of the spectrum in the drag category, but both were equally pretty.

•• Jessicapierce has mad hula-foo! She can hula all night long. We took a random walk to the park at 3am one day and I got questions like "How can u hula that around your neck and not cut off your air supply??"

•• The video game playing noders got into a game re-titled "Kill All the Chinese People Ever 3", and something else involving monkeys. Monkeys are hard to handle.

•• Enth clipped me w/JP's car. OK, OK, it wasn't that bad. I was walking around the back of the car and he decided to back it up at that moment. I just got a little whack on the shins. And he apologized and was not drunk. There is no one I'd rather have hit me with a car, I assure you. Enth's blue hair was neato.

•• Drunkenness is the Klabroth, the grossest drink in human existence. If I get anything nuked soon, the Klabroth msg will make me more nauseaus than usual due to the connection I'd make.

•• Nodeslam was the best idea ever. Walter is the shizit. I didn't catch much of part 1, but part 2 of Nodeslam in Zot's back yard was just surreal. Panamaus's rendition of his writeup was truly breathtaking. I had to try to keep my mouth shut when he ordered ice tea at the restaurant on the last day.

•• I'd like to again apologize to Bart for drinking the Tab in his fridge. It was so gross that I just passed it around to everyone else so they could witness the grossness. Sorry for pimping out your soda. I had no idea it wasn't public domain.

I'd like to thank (in no particular order): Mordel for being my leaning post, Gamaliel for the adult supervision, Sean for the sidewalk chalk, Jurph for an awesome samich, ccunning and karma debt for yummy food at Zot's parents' house, Party Christ for looking over us all, and so many other people that I can't even think to name them all. There are so many other things I can think of to write about.. the movies, dinner, chinging stuff, peacock feathers painted on me by ideath, noders by the light of the sparklers in Bart's parent's backyard, hugs... I have never met so many awesome people.I also really liked finally learning all of your real names.

I can still feel some of your arms around me, and if it was up to me, I never would have let go.