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Bouldering is the art of rock climbing on boulders. It can be used for training for more conventional climbing but is a serious sport in its own right.

Extremely difficult problems that would be a cry for help if attempted with any degree of exposure are more safely tackled this way but take care you can hurt yourself...

One good thing about bouldering is that you don't need any protection, a rope, or a harness. Minimally you just need some climbing shoes (with sticky rubber soles). Some chalk is useful. (Strangely straining to the limit physically and risking broken bones can cause your hands to sweat.) The real afficianados take a mat to keep their shoes clean and dry and a toothbrush for cleaning the features. For working upside down it's wise to take something soft to land on to protect your back.

A popular location for this is the Peak (just outside Sheffield), on gritstone boulders where the techniques of slapping, standing on a pebble, and (infamously) hand jamming are utilised. The first time you try this you will lose all your fingerprints.

Fontainebleu (just outside Paris) is another great place. The feel is quite different on the smooth sandstone boulders surrounded by shady forest.

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