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The band that is trying to fill the shoes of the Grateful Dead, which broke up when Jerry Garcia died in 1995.

The band was named after the song "The Other One" and was made up of original Dead members Phil Lesh, Mickey Hart and Bob Weir (cheeseball] joined by Bruce Hornsby, Steve Kimock and Hornsby's drummer John Molo and a few others.

They went out on the road during the 1998 Furthur Festival much to the enjoyment of Deadheasd across the USA. They play Grateful Dead songs, but on this tour only were a pale shadow of the once mighty Dead. This was mostly due to personal infighting between Lesh and Weir and a chemistry that didn´t quite quicken. Phil Lesh left the group citing personal differences with the rest of the band in 1999, and was replaced by Alphonso Johnson on bass for the summer 2000 tour.

Now in the summer of 2002 they have patched up their problems and hit the road once again with a slightly different line up including Lesh, Weir, Hart, Billy kreutzman (the other original Dead drummer], Jimmy Herring on lead guitar and keaboardist Rob Baracco (both recently of Phil Lesh and Friends). There is also a second keybard player from Weir´s main band Ratdog. Also Susan Tadeschi has been sitting in on most of theie fall 2002 shows.

This third incarnation of the band comes the closest to the original lineup of the Dead and their spirit. The Other Ones have even gone and dusted off some rare old Dead tunes including The Rub, and Hog for You.

At the begining of 2003 the Other Ones announced that they would change their name to the Dead in a reaffirmation of their renewed friendships and the spirit of the original Grateful Dead (and likely to sell more concert tickets). They played some 30 shows in the summer of 2003 to mostly positive reviews. The band hired singer joan Osborn to sing and hit the road with great enthusiasm.