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To give my knowledge to others
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Governor Mifflin Senior High School
Sarcasm is the lanuage of America
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I am a disorganized perfectionist, a senseless genius.
I want to be normal, but I hate humanity.
My life goal is simple: to figure out the reason for existance.
My theory: to make me wonder about it.

When I'm not thinking about the greater matters of the universe, such as pre-Big Bang theories, Universal ending possibilities, and what the guidelines for "good" are, I distract myself by playing video games, keyboard, and writing music. I plan on creating video games for a living, but since I could do every part of it except sales management, I don't know if I'll join a existing company or start my own. I've already got a foundation, even if it's not that sturdy, for two video games. My favorite song is also my username, "One Winged Angel" by Nobuo Uematsu, played as the background music for the final battle against Safer Sephiroth in Final Fantasy 7.