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The new rage sweeping my company is the widespread use of Microsoft's Comic Sans font. Bulletins in the cafeteria, instructions for brewing coffee, quick memos for upcoming meetings - one guy even used it as the default font in a Lotus Notes database, which annoyed me so much that I deleted the font from my system. I really don't understand the excitement behind the Comic Sans font. It really isn't that great.

First off, what's it supposed to look like? Is that supposed to be comic book lettering? Well, it's not. It's just silly, off-kilter lettering that doesn't look very clever, and certainly doesn't look at all professional. While I'd imagine that Comic Sans looks great on an eight-year-old's birthday invitation, the fact that you have to do something to install this font begs the question, "Why not download a cooler looking silly font?" Granted IE installs Comic Sans automatically, but is it really much more work to go to fontaddict.com or Larabie Fonts and get a better one? There are plenty of much better cool, silly fonts out there, like Yikes! or Mufferaw, if that happens to be your thing.

Really, I just wish people would stop it with their dumb ass font usage. What the hell is the matter with Verdana or even plain old Times New Roman? Sometimes I dream, and in those dreams we use only 10-point unadorned Courier.