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One of the senior sportswriters for the Boston Globe, which, along with the Detroit Free Press is one of America's best sports sections. Shaughnessy suffers from back-in-my-day syndrome, which unfortuntely permeates every article he's written in the past ten years. Some symptoms of Shaughnessy's rare disease...

  • Despite the fact that the Patriots are better now than they ever have been, and an owner who's committed to winning in Bob Kraft, he'll tell you how great it was when football players were real men. Like John Hannah and Steve Grogan. Those were real football players.
  • Compares every pitcher the Red Sox currently have to Luis Tiant, Bill Lee, and Jim Monboquette, depending on whether they're lefty, righty, or Hispanic.
  • Forget getting any kind of positive commentary about the Celtics. Until they win eight championships in a row, they're nothing compared to the class that Bill Russell and Red Auerbach's teams had. Today's basketball players are a bunch of spoiled, no-talent punks, anyway.
The real reason he writes about the good old days in every column, I think, is because he has nothing fresh or original to say anymore. I'm sure you could take a Shaughnessy article from ten years ago, change the names to current team members, and have a completely cohesive article. In fact, that's probably what he does. It should be noted that Dan Shaughnessy is also known as "Curly-Haired Boyfriend" in many circles.

Thank God for Michael Holley.