The Ministry for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice is the radical militant police force of the Taliban responsible for patrolling for offending citizens in Afghanistan. While they aren't destroying ancient Buddha statues and forcing non-Muslims to wear Nazi-esque religion-identifying armbands, the followers of Mullah Mohammed Omar cruise around in Toyota 4x4s, looking for punishable offenses such as:

And woe be it to the Afghani woman who commits one of these horrific offenses:

  • driving an automobile
  • receiving an education
  • working outside the home (other than in the health sector)
  • traveling outside without a close male relative
The Ministry is also responsible for the public lashings that occur every Friday for women who have violated the Hadood Ordinance, ensuring that store owners close their shops during designated prayer times, and spray-painting first floor windows black so that women inside can't be seen by passers-by.