I collected conkers and large chestnut leaves at the common. Some of the larger leaves were dry and I could crumble them into dust in my hands. On the water I could hear the ducks and all around me was the happiness of children playing. I continued along the path toward the pond. The fishermen had buckets of maggots, squirming like nothing I had seen before. At the edge of my pond I weaselled my way inside of a bush. Under the foliage I was warm and sheltered. It was as if I were hidden underground. Green and yellow light, like stained glass, shone through the leaves and onto the soil. Other than the bugs and insects crawling across the floor I was alone. At last I was free of judgement and ready to uncover the secrets of the world.

You are the leaves and twigs that surround my universe. You are my canopy, and together; Love.