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A small, sleepy, but rather picturesque Swedish town situated in the municipality of Åmål in the province of Dalsland on the North-Western shore of largest lake in Sweden, Lake Vänern.

Just off Highway 45, the town is about one hour's drive south of Karlstad and two hours north of Göteborg (Gothenburg).

There are roughly 13,000 inhabitants in the municipality of Åmål (Åmåls Kommun).

Most notably known as the setting for hugely successful Swedish film Fucking Åmål (Show Me Love in English-speaking territories). Film was actually shot in Trollhättan, situated about 100 km south of Åmål.

Despite its offside position, closer to Norway's capital Oslo than Sweden's Stockholm, Åmål is definitely worth a visit. If not for experiencing the natural beauty of Dalsland, then at least to say you've been in "Fucking Åmål".

For more info, visit www.dalsland.se