Mind-Less Observation (MLO), a technique used to empty the mind of conscious thought, is generally employed either for meditation or the pursuit of a higher level of consciousness. Essentially, MLO works by acknowledging, but not attaching any mental energy, to your thoughts. When one makes an effort to "watch" the paths that their thoughts take, an automatic transformation begins. A greater sense of self-understanding causes the Ego to slowly lose its power over the individual. Continued for long enough, a regime of regular MLO often tends to catalyze the evolution of the individual's spiritual awareness to a higher level.

How to Manage Your DICK describes Mind-Less Observation as "the first step towards higher consciousness...the most basic operation of Dick Management." In his book, The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle advocates MLO as well: "observation of the mind withdraws energy from it...that energy turns into presence." In addition, MLO is a basic tool used for Zen as well as other types of meditation.