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Though Republicans and Democrats constantly snipe at each other, Americans only ever get to see members of the opposing parties debate head on one-on-one, after the parties have picked their singular nominees for an office. Candidates who won't be in the running come November never get to interact directly, and speak fully to the views of those in the other party. But 2016 seems to be offering a different opportunity, with its very unsettled contests on both sides, with Donald Trump and Ted Cruz running close on the Republican side (and John Kasich still in the mix), and with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders just as close on the Democratic side. So, with such an immense ideological range amongst the remaining candidates for both major parties, from erstwhile fascism to socialism, from theocracy to oligarchy, I have begun a petition to propose an historic event to take advantage of this historic opportunity:

let's have one big debate --
Trump, Clinton, Cruz, Sanders, Kasich, all on one stage

We all know such a thing has the potential to be immensely informative and entertaining. So if this is something you think you might like to see, mosey on over to that link and sign that petition. Costs nothing; might yield.... something.

It has been pointed out to me that CNN has already done something approaching this.