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Never will come for us.

And I had forgotten the joy of being so close to that dirty checkered floor.

Eye-level with their cigarettes, flickering, and leg tattoos and pants cut off to be not at all shorts. You can tell how cool someone is by their shoes, really. Are you dressed up for tonight, for this punk show, or are you for real real real? The ones with Xs on their hands are fond of the flip-flops. Thanks, Old Navy.

It has only been one season since I was last here, hand-stamped and waiting to sing along. But one season is enough to Hello, 80s. I feel like I am at teen club, 1986, with all the short shirts and layered tank tops and chunky jewelry. I am now officially old enough to have lived through the fashions that are now retro. I loved it when the 70s made a comeback because I was young enough to want to be fashionable and I loved dressing like I did when I was 5. I wonder if my fifth year was really as good as I revise it to be. Was it my best year? No, this is.

This was our favorite band like 6 years ago and so my sense of time travel continues. Hello reunion. Watching them play, you wonder why they named the band, Braid. I move around too much… extra energy waiting to hop hop out. You ask me if I am ok, and I say, I am a peach. I am peachy. I am a peach. Peaches are soft and pretty and smell good. So, I may be exaggerating.

"There are more cell phones in this room than cigarettes,” I say. That should be on a shirt, a friend says. Yes, it should. The first time I went to the Black Cat, the other Black Cat, I don’t even think cell phones existed. I am old, but not as old as I should be or am? My shirt says, Time is an Invention". I agree with this.

Time is an invention. We invent things to make life easier, faster, more structured. We love our inventions.