1962-1983 The whimsical creation of Ray Johnson used to promote mail art. The name was originally coined by Ed Plunkett in 1962. Ray didn't like the name at first, but it stuck. He often changed the name of the school, This was a satire on the New York School of painters who were famous at the same time.

The overall themes of this circle were the satire of traditional Bourgeois values and consumerism.

In 1970, there was the "New York Correspondance School Show" at the Whitney Museum of American Art (September 2 - October 6, 1970). As part of this show, Ray sent out the general invitation to everyone on "the list" to send mail art directly to the museum which was then included in the show.

People came and went from the list of members. Some were members only because Ray said so, not for any other reason. A very partial listing:

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