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And it's about time too! Many thanks to Lao-Tzu for planting the idea in my head.

How does Saturday, January 5th sound for everyone? Those of us who are in school will not have started the winter semester yet, so no chance of being already buried in homework.

I was thinking we could get together at the Kilkenny (a pub near the university) sometime in the afternoon, 3 or 4 maybe (that way it's less crowded and I can do stupid things like yelling "Soy!" at people who look lost). BUT if you are not of age or just prefer not to go to the pub (or prefer one closer to where you live!), post below right away and we can arrange for something else (different pub? coffee shop, maybe? Or cyber cafe, since we're all obviously addicted to our computers?)

Palpz pointed out to me that the Kilkenny does indeed allow minors until sometime in the evening. And I knew this, too (I've seen families in for Saturday breakfast), it must have just slipped my mind.

Also if you'd like to do something after the pub, add it below!

People for sure coming:

People who said they might come:

If anyone is coming in from out of town that would be awesome too!

OK, so JyZude sent me an excellent question: How will we recognize each other? First off: location. For those of you who have never been in the Kilkenny, it consists of two large rooms and one smaller room, along with the patio (which is definitely out this time of year in Calgary). I will try to get there a bit early and find us a table in the "pit" in the large room near the back of the pub, or two tables we can pull together. Second thing: pictures! You can find a picture of Torque and I at www.ucalgary.ca/~tmstarke/matt+me.jpg (it's pretty bad but you get the idea). So you'll be able to recognize Torque and I at least. One other thing: I will be wearing a cranberry red sweater so I stand out a bit. If you guys have pictures on the web somewhere or plan on wearing something distinctive add it below!

Lao-Tzu also sent me another excellent question: Exactly what time is this thing at? So I'll say 3:30ish, though Torque and I will probably be there a bit earlier trying to scope out a big table in the back room.

Can't wait to see you all tomorrow!

Instructions to get there:

  • C-Train:
    • Take the train to Brentwood station.
    • From the station, take the overpass across Crowchild towards the Co-op.
    • At the end of the overpass, go down the stairs and start walking towards KFC/Wendy's.
    • Walk down this sidewalk, past the "Melrose" bar (I think that's what it's called) and look for the First Calgary bank on the left (it'll be across a parking lot)
    • The Kilkenny is behind the bank: it's a big green building with The Kilkenny written in gold. It's very close, if you've walked for more than 5 minutes, you're lost.
  • Car:
    • Drive on Crowchild and get off at the Charleswood Dr. / 32 Ave. exit
    • If you're coming from the north, you will have to turn right at the next light (onto Charleswood Dr.), across the bridge, and then immeadiately left (onto Brentwood Rd.) at the next lights
    • If you're coming from the south, you will go straight at the light (onto Brentwood Rd.)
    • Once you're on Brentwood Rd., it's a breeze. Look for the giant Kilkenny sign (on your left), it's in behind the First Calgary and the Blockbuster.