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We should be looking at a very interesting question, and one that I will most likely leave open at the end of this bit of text on the War that Rages. Why do people decide to use drugs?

I, for one, am a 16 year old drug user. Call me the "target audience". I began using drugs when I was 14. And yes, there was the crutial moment of innocence: should I do this? At the time (and I devulge how I am more like the target audience of troubled adolescents) I was near to being kicked out of my home. The situation was shot for 14 year old me. But this did not cause me to use drugs. This caused me to cease to care whether I used drugs or not.

Then came a kind of second emotional reaction. I was so angered and terrified of the fact that my world no longer provided enough to sustain me, I embraced the drug.

I hold that there's nothing immoral to actual drug use. It'll kill you, but a lot of things will. The real issue is that drug users cease to care about their own lives. A person addicted is a person who is unable to get a job, unable to maintain themselves. They lose the respect of their family. At this point, the user uses drugs as a tool of hatred, both of themselves and of the outside world.

I make no claim that this is true for every drug user, but I've seen enough of it in the real world to get a sense of what is ruining lives.