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Catalan: "meu" (Courtesy of koala.)

Chinese: "mao" (Courtesy of BrainsOfSteel.)

Danish: "miav" (Courtesy of Carthag.)

Dutch: "miauw" (Courtesy of fuzzy and blue.)

English: "meow"

Finnish: "miau" (Courtesy of Jope.)

French: "miaou"

German: "Miau" (Courtesy of mawa.)

Greek: "naiou" (Courtesy of donnaidh_sidhe.)

Hebrew: "Miau" and sometimes "Miya" (Courtesy of undone.)

Hungarian: "miau" (Courtesy of ba.)

Japanese: "nyan", "nya", "n'yao" or "myah" (Courtesy of nekojin and tongpoo.)

Korean: "yaong" or "nyaong" (Courtesy of Provolo.)

Norwegian: "mjau" (Courtesy of delta.)

Portuguese: "miau" (Courtesy of e-anorexia.)

Spanish: "miau"

Swedish: "mjau" (Courtesy of rollo.)

please /msg p_i with further contributions to this (or other aspects to noises animals make in different languages), assuredly the best use yet found for the global forum that is the Internet.