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I put spiked collars on them, slip a piece of raw meat between their neck and the strap, keep 'em up and hungry for a few days, then send 'em in to the pit together. Chances are, they're hungry enough they're not gonna stop when they get to the end of the meat.

Do this twenty, thirty times and you end up distilling the nastiest, most bloodthirsty motherfucking node imaginable.

This part is the real toughie: get the two biggest badasses to breed without killing each other (at least, without killing the female - the stud's job's done when he blows his load), get the female to bring a litter to term and quickly scoop up the node pups before she eats them alive, blind and mewling.

Then, I take over as their teacher, their trainer, the thing they fear more than death because I can always pass 'em back to the bloody howling mess what brought them into this world. When that Mister Borg comes knocking at my door, I'm a-gonna be ready for 'im.