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Lord Farquaad is one of the main characters from Dreamworks' 2001 computer animated film Shrek. Farquaad is voiced by John Lithgow. (Beware of spoilers, especially below the line.) The following blurb is HOCR from the movie's offical site, www.shrek.com.

Lord Farquaad, the measly four-foot-tall ruler of Duloc, is neat, orderly, and power hungry. All he needs to become the perfect king is to marry the ideal princess. To do that, he must save Princess Fiona, but he can't be bothered with the dirty work himself.

Farquaad is short. Short on height, short on brains, all of that. All the usual stature and compensation puns are here in full force. He misuses the magic mirror, both in mistelling of the future and repeatedly viewing the image of Princess Fiona while lying under leapord print covers on his round bed in his pimp daddy bachelor pad.