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Buckle your trendy shoes, folks, it's time for another quarterlife crisis. I've tried to keep my FUD directed and specific, though. This should be relatively painless. Are you a giver? Then help me out:

Mini CV: I entered engineering school in the fall of 1999 with the highest hopes and the greatest of confidence. Five years later I limped away barely managing to scrape together the last C's and D's necessary to graduate with a degree in Engineering Physics. My GPA was above 2, but below 3. It sucked.

During those five years, there were highlights. Editing the editorial pages of the campus newspaper was one. A minor in economics was another. A course in political science so rigorous and time-consuming as to be used as a guage for law school by aspiring young pre-laws was the only course that I never skipped. Yet I persevered masochistically through course after course of physics, convinced that I really did like it, I was just poor at time managmenet, and that work was supposed to hurt.

But lets connect the dots. What are my academic interests? Political science, but only in terms of a rigorous application of the workings of constitutional government. Economics, specifically rational decision making. And persuasive writing, for which I generally employ complete sentences, but this is a restriction I find unnecessary when writing colloquially in the first person, so hush.

Back to connecting the dots. For a year or so (after most of my grades were already determined) I've expressed a desire to go to law school, even taking the LSAT last June. I did very very well. Recently I've also been investigating graduate school, settling on the study of public policy as my ideal choice.

The question is simple. Do I get back to school and this time study my ass off (for all my classes)? Can I even get in to school again? If so, what kind of school? Or am I too afraid to fail again? Contrariwise, can I look for jobs in these fields with this degree without additional schooling? Should I just try anyway?

Most importantly, does anyone know anything about public policy?