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To develop my writing talent as a from of self expression.
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Balance is Perfection. -- Me
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The more I learn about photography the less I want to know
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I used to hate to write … in fact a swift kick to the testis (also see Ovaries) was much preferred to sitting down and writing a 10-word essay on a sticky note.

My abhorrence for writing has slowly faded over the years as I have grown as a person, mostly because I am seeking new ways of self-expression. Why the sudden push for creative activities? I like to think of my, or anyone’s, soul as high carbonated and life as an agitator. The tighter you keep the cap on your soul eventually you will crack/explode/fail, having this happen is never fun. After being helped to see that I was an anal, self-adsorbed, selfish, nervous mass of egotism, with a heart of gold, I new that I needed to make some changes to find … peace. Thus began my expedition to find new ways of letting out the ups and downs of life; … to express the emotions that are too great to be kept to yourself.

Given my distaste for writing while I was a small adult, I am still learning how to organize my writing grammatically. You might have already noticed that my sentence structure is that of a 5-year-old foreign boy trying to learn a new language. But if you are able/willing to look past the neophyte mistakes, I think you will find some thoughts of value.

“Balance Is Perfection” -- Me