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The Honda Valkyrie is a beast of a motorcycle. It has a horizontally opposed six cylinder engine, the same as the Honda Goldwing, known for going for a quarter of a million miles if you take care of it. In fact, the Valkyrie is basically a Goldwing without all of the plastics installed. Most parts will fit either bike, so there are a lot of accessories you can install. 

The Valkyrie is exceptionally comfortable for long rides, designed as a long distance cruiser with enough weight that it won't get blown off of the road by passing semi trucks. The older model has a 1500cc engine, while the newer ones moved up to the more powerful 1800cc powerplant. With that said, this is a very heavy motorcycle that you don't want tipping over. It's a bitch to get it right-sided if you lose your balance.

I have a 1998 Valkyrie that's been heavily tricked out. I replaced the original pipes and mufflers with a set of Supertrapps. It's high-visibility yellow and has a comfortable leather Corbin seat. If you want a strong cruiser that you can still have fun on the twists and turns on mountain passes, you should consider this bike as you hum Wagner's Flight of the Valkyries.

Iron Noder 2017