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I've been cutting back on going to conventions because of health issues. I enjoy talking on panels and hanging out with genre fans. If anyone is going to Archon in the Saint Louis, Missouri area make sure you look me up and say hello. With any luck next year will allow me to travel to more events.

My oldest daughter just moved to Florida in time to get in the path of the worst hurricane ever in the Atlantic. Irma is packing some wind gusts above 225mph and is wiping out huge swaths of island residences as she churns her way towards the Florida coast. She and her roommate are all packed and ready to bug out if need be. There's another hurricane hot on Irma's trail, so everyone may get a second helping of disaster. Hopefully they both turn and end up being a fish storm.

I've been keeping up with gifting eggs to everyone who is posting public (not hidden) writeups. If I miss you please drop me a /msg. Sometimes it's fun to have an impromptu contest, plus it's a way to get rid of some of these eggs. I've collected over 185 of them so at least they can be useful to other noders.

If you're thinking about writing more posts, please do so. There is a dearth of writeups lately, and I'd love to read more of your work.