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Sweeter than honey and bitter as gall
Cupid he rules us all

<TheDeadGuy> Point, match, game. You have to be so even, so able to trump each other's trump, that no one can get the upper hand without destroying themselves, that is miracle love. Not related to miracle grow.
<iceowl> Usually, though, when a hot woman saves your life, they usually get that whole "possession" thing going, like, I saved you, I own you, sort of thing, that's fun for a couple of days.
<jasonm> they just save you so they can kill and eat you later...
<iceowl> Then they lock you in a storage garage in Phoenix with all the other guys they saved, and you have to eat the weak ones and all that. Damn. It's not good until you escape, actually. I just remembered.
<cpt> I just had a fun couple of days- all it took was buying her dog a frisbee.
<TheDeadGuy> The greatest destroyer of these love/partnership/kissy-poo relationships is when one person KNOWS they can destroy the other, that all they have to do is X and pop goes the weasal. Destroyer of 90% of relationships, right there, sailor.
<iceowl> Yeah. But remember the immortal words of Par Lagervist (because I can't)
<Transitional Man> only if they are the sort of person who likes that sort of power
<iceowl> But it was something like: You can't be in love unless you're vulnerable. Mutually assured destruction, is the root of all love. That's why America has so many nukes. We love everybody.