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Huntsville, AL is one of the most over looked parts of the United States space program. Lots of stuff is built and designed at Redstone Arsonal, we have the US Space and Rocket Center, we got the Apollo 11 rocket (the big white thing) standing and all restored outside the Rocket Center, and we even got a real Saturn V.

But yet, we are continually forgotten by the public and filmmakers when they make movies dealing with space. I mean, Dr. Wernher von Braun lived and worked here. We've got the Von Braun Center named for him and everything, and yet we continually get forgotten. I mean yeah it's Alabama and our PR is just sooo wonderful I know, but still man, let's give some credit where it's due. If we're trusted to design and construct these $80 million dollar hunks of metal, surely we're important enough to mention in a movie or things of that nature.

As far as I can tell, only one movie has mentioned Huntsville, Marooned (or Space Travelers, if you watched the MST3K version). Does the bulk of the American people really think that NASA exists only in Houston and Florida?