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Kari Byron is one of the three original intern/helper type people (known as the Build Team) to appear on Mythbusters, which for the first couple of seasons only had Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman. I used to wonder what she was contributing to the team besides doing generic sciency stuff and getting along well with everyone. See, Grant is ridiculously talented, a roboticist, electronics engineer, and I think a programmer. Tory seems to be good at carpentry or something. I finally realized one day when I saw her drawing the blueprint-style cards they use to introduce segments. She's an artist. Her career before Mythbusters (or outside of Mythbusters) is as a sculptor, as I'm sure that softlink already tipped off to you. She graduated from San Francisco State University magna cum laude with a BA in film and sculpture. She makes these doll portraits of people, that I'm going to warn you, are fairly horrifying. (Since her personal site is down or removed, this was the first Google result that had her sculptures. Sorry.) She says she makes some form of art every day, so there is definitely more than this out there, somewhere, known possibly only to Kari herself.

Here is a ridiculous amount of information on Kari Byron. Do you enjoy stalking? Need to plaster every square inch of your room with her photos, personal information, and hair? Look no further.

Per DTal's recommendation: Kari Byron is adorable and has a smokin' ass.
For wombat-socho (and let's face it, everyone else): FHM photos and something out of context but awesome.
And here's one NSFW