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Introduction to the Ti-83
The TI-83 was released as the successor to the TI-82 and featured a newer, more contoured case design that has since been used on all of TI's newer calculators. The TI-83 features backwards compatibility with most TI-82 programs and some newer financial functions, but they really arn't used in its every-day usage, but by far the best aspect of this calculator is built-in assembly programming capability supported by TI itself, But you must program it on a computer and transfer it by link to the TI-83. This advance saved curious programmers the trouble of "hacking" the calculator themselves to achieve this functionality, like in the TI-85, and marked the beginning of TI's embracement of assembly (ASM) programming. The TI-83 has consequently become a popular programming platform, but has now been supplanted by the TI-83 Plus, an updated model. Note: Some of this paragraph came from www.Ticalc.org.

CPU : 6 MHz ZiLOG Z80
Memory : 27K RAM
Screen : 96x64 pixels; Black and White ASM Support? Yes
Link Port? Yes
CBL/CBR Support? Yes
Programing support on Calculator? Yes, its a modified BASIC code, aka TI-83 Basic