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Not one for layering? Want something easy, and relatively quick? Then try the lazy man (or woman) recipe.

What you will need

4-5 potatoes (depending on how mushy you like your food)
1 package lean ground beef (or regular, whatever floats your boat)
2 cups veggies (your choice, frozen is best to use)
1 package, or can of gravy base

All you need to do

1 – Peel and cut your potatoes, putting them on to boil
2 – Brown beef
3 – Mash potatoes
4 – Mix mashed potatoes, browned beef and frozen veggies
5 - Place in oven for 20 min. at 350°
6 – Prepare gravy
7 - Enjoy

Yes, I realize that the laziness of this is only by the mixing instead of the layering of the recipe, and that not many will find this to be a 'lazy' recipe. Please keep in mind this is MY opinion on lazy, being a mother Ect. Etc.