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Speaking as a male, i know this for a fact.

My school throws a couple of drag balls a year. Being of the adventurous sort (occasionally) i decided to go in a simple female getup-- skirt and t-shirt with fake breasts. But, not having a training bra handy, I had to make my own.

The only things i had at first were balloons, unfortunately these had a way of migrating across my chest making me look like a woman with a mindbogglingly bad plastic surgeon. Or popping, and that's no good at all. Besides, they were very large and torpedo like.

So i went with Socks. While i could keep them in a reasonably tight tshirt for a little while, it was uncomfortable and to dance with them would be out of the question.

So i employed the only reasonable technique duct tape.

Duct tape chafes. This includes the sides and corners if not done properly.

Duct tape shows if put on improperly. I readjusted that t several times.

Duct tape Hurts when it is pulled off. Especially in sensitive areas.

Duct tape leaves a mark when removed.